Tips and information on various topics in the area of development cooperation


Preparation for a work placement abroad in development cooperation (PDF 0,1 MB)
– General suggestions
– Practical tips

Donating (PDF 0,3 MB)
– Inputs on the question of why donating is necessary
– Tips on choosing organisations, distributing donations, sponsorships etc.

Reporting (PDF 0,6 MB)
– Tips for reporting in a differentiated way
– Recommendations for dealing with images and messages
– Examples for clichéd images and alternatives


History of development cooperation (PDF 1,4 MB)
– Origin and history of development cooperation
– Strategies for fighting poverty

Measuring poverty (PDF 0,5 MB)
– Definition of extreme and multidimensional poverty
– Development of extreme poverty since the 19th century
– Facts about worldwide poverty

Development (PDF 0,5 MB)
– Ecological footprint
– Sustainable Development Goals

Measuring Development (PDF 0,3 MB)
– Factors for measuring a country’s development
– Different methods of measurement of development